Our Mission:
Genesee School District, committed to excellence in education, will use the resources at its disposal to ensure equal educational opportunity for all students. We will help all students develop to their fullest potential so they can become responsible, caring, contributing members of our ever-changing society. Further, we will encourage high self-esteem and respect for fellow citizens, our established institutions, and our country.

Our Vision Statement:
Genesee School District: where every graduate possesses the empowerment to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

Quality Core Curriculum:
Genesee School District's core curriculum includes reading, math, science, history, geography, economics, American government, and writing outlined in the Michigan Curriculum Framework.

Technology Integration:
Genesee School District adheres to the principle that learning to use technology should not be an end in itself; rather, technology should be a tool that enhances learning and prepares students for life-long learning and changes in adult literacy, which will be a determinate of their roles in the world.

Highly Qualified Staff:
Our staff is highly educated and competent. One hundred percent of classes are taught by "highly qualified" teachers as defined by the No Child Left Behind legislation. Genesee School District paraprofessional staff also meets "highly qualified" guidelines with one hundred percent of our paraprofessionals working as instructional assistants in Title 1, Special Education, and At Risk programs meet state certification requirements for paraprofessionals as outline by No Child Left Behind legislation.