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Learning at our school is tailored to the students individual needs.

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Students at our school compete at the highest levels.

Aiming To Win Aiming To Win
Vision Statement

Genesee School District: where every graduate possesses the empowerment to succeed in an ever-changing world. 


US News and World Report 


Genesee High School


Bronze Recipient for being a top high school in America

US News and World Reports Genesee High School was awarded a Bronze medal for the 2013-2014 school year for being one of the "Best High School's in the Nation". Click here to see how high schools rankings are calculated.

Volunteers Who Care about our Kids

Volunteers Who Care about our Kids

Each January, we pause to express our appreciation for a very special group of volunteers: the school board members.

Usually, we don’t think of school board members as school volunteers, but they do in fact volunteer to serve. School board members give their time, energy and counsel to the school district. They take the job of governing the district – making the best decisions they can for our children – with the full understanding that they will receive only the satisfaction of their contribution.

That contribution, however, should not be understated. The volunteer efforts of the school board members have the potential for tremendous benefit to the community as a whole and to the lives of the students individually. By serving the district in this important governance role, school board members lay the foundation for the future.

The men and women who make the time to generously provide this important public service do so because they care. They care about their own children’s education. They care about our school being the best it can be. They care about the next generation and the future of the community.

These people roll up their sleeves and get involved to improve things. It is a selfless accepting of responsibility for the educational process that helps our children grow into successful adults.

Join us in celebrating School Board Recognition Month in January, and take a moment to express your appreciation for the volunteer efforts of our school board members. Our district benefits greatly from their service.

Board Members: Steven Elkins, Eladio Quintanilla, Matthew Newcomb, Fred Hinz, Ted Schaub, Dan Eashoo & Kim Schempf.

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